New Embarrassing Details Emerge From Tony La Russa’s DUI Case

It has not been a very pleasant start to Tony La Russa’s tenure in Chicago. The 76-year-old has had a rough go since he was named the new skipper of the White Sox. He caught plenty of backlash for being too old to be relevant in what has become an analytical game. Now, a DUI from last February has been made public record.

It doesn’t stop there, either. Apparently La Russa tried to talk him way out of the arrest by using his name to his advantage. It didn’t work.


According to the arrest reports La Russa was argumentative with the police. “I had one glass of wine while at dinner with friends,” La Russa said via ESPN.

La Russa then tried to pull the “do you know who I am” card.

“Do you see my ring?” He told police. “I’m legit. I’m a hall of famer brother. You’re trying to embarrass me.

The cop claims to have assured the old baseball manager that he would not embarrass him. Well, I think La Russa has embarrassed himself enough on his own. This is shaking out to be an absolutely terrible hire by the Chicago White Sox. Tony La Russa should spare everyone the time and just step down as manager before he even starts. No way the players want to play for this guy.

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