Shaq Threatened To Go After Charles Barkley On Live TV After A Joke About His Grandma

Charles Barkley has been in prime form today.

First, Charles put his guarantee on the Charlotte Hornets beating the Pacers during the play-in game today. Unsurprisingly, the Hornets would go on to lose by nearly 30 points, 144-117.



Later in the night, the “Inside The NBA” crew was looking at highlights of a hook shot in the Celtics-Wizards game. Shaq said of the shot, “you know who that reminds me of?”

Charles Barkley quickly jumped in by saying, “who, your grandma?”

Shaq didn’t care for that comment very much.

Shaq and Charles have had their back-and-forths in the past, and it usually goes down in a somewhat joking matter. However, I feel like one of these days Shaq might actually lose it on Charles. They’re like 2 young brothers who need to get separated at times.

I must say, the Shaq and Charles Barkley dynamic makes for some entertaining TV. Hopefully they remain on the same set for a long time to come.

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