Zach Wilson’s Mom Is Now Calling Out Her Haters After Throwing Shade At Disney World’s Mask Policy

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson was the talk of the NFL Draft. But it had nothing to do with him, or the Jets drafting him with the second overall pick. People simply thought Wilson’s mom was quite the looker.


With the new celebrity status, Lisa Wilson is running with it. She has grown in Instagram popularity, and has already made some cringe-worthy videos. Among those videos was Lisa Wilson complaining about the mask policy at Disney World, while calling the amusement parks’ employees, “a bunch of maskholes”.

When Lisa Wilson was called out over her mask comments, she lashed out on her handle.

Zach Wilson’s mom has made other controversial comments, as well, including saying, “Snapchat is for whores”.

While Zach Wilson seems like a low-key guy who won’t cause much of a stir in a large media market, his mom appears to be a different story entirely. Watch out New York, Lisa Wilson is coming. And she’s not backing down for anyone.

Check out more of Zach Wilson’s mom below:


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