Stephen A. Smith Responds To Kwame Brown Threatening To Fight Him

Former NBA #1 overall pick Kwame Brown has gone full scorched earth on anyone who has ever thrown shade at him this week. Some of the victims of Browns’ rants included Stephen Jackson, Gilbert Arenas, Matt Barnes and Rachel Nichols. He even took a shot at ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith.


When a fan asked Stephen A. for a response, he opted to take the high road.

I will do no such thing. I will not waste my time,” Stephen A. said when a fan asked him to respond to Kwame Brown on Twitter. “That man is right; he’s been retired for years, yet all of us have been guilty of getting on him from time-to-time. He has every right to speak his mind. Go for it!”

Stephen A. Smith famously went on a rant about Kwame Brown after he was traded by the Lakers.

Classy move by Stephen A. not to engage in the social media war with Kwame Brown. He’s right…the dude has a right to defend himself against people who disrespected his name in one way or another.

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