Sean Payton Was Mocked After Videos Of Kevin James Playing Him In An Upcoming Movie Dropped

You’d think another actor would make more sense to play Sean Payton than Kevin James. But that isn’t the case for an upcoming movie based around the Saints coach’s year out of the NFL.

When Payton was reprimanded for his role in the “bounty gate” scandal, he evidently spent time coaching one of his son’s youth football team while suspended. And in a comedic spin on the whole situation, James has been casted to play Payton in the movie.

The movie is set to be released on Netflix in late January.

Shortly after the trailer of “Home Team” hit the web, many were clowning Sean Payton for being depicted by the likes of Kevin James.

To be fair, Kevin James does look like he’s lost a few. But to think he can pull off Sean Payton is obviously a stretch.

This will go down like one of the many Adam Sandler Netflix movies that have been made over the past few years where you might watch but nobody will remember it whatsoever.

Honestly, I wouldn’t even be surprised if Sean Payton himself doesn’t want to watch a movie where Kevin James plays him.

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