Russian Junior Hockey Team Kicked Off Plane On Way Back Home

The World Junior hockey tournament was cut short earlier this week after several teams were dealing with COVID outbreaks.

With the tournament shut down early, teams were forced to find their way back home. Team Russia decided that this would not be the end to their festivities as the team was vaping, smoking, not following mandates among many other things as they were on the plane.

This is truly just incredible content. The Russian team was apparently smoking cigarettes, vaping, and playing their music as loud as they could at the back of the plane while having completely no care for what flight attendants were instructing them to do.

The plane was circled by police and law enforcement and the Russian team was eventually kicked off the plane.

The Russians are just a different breed and if you think that this is blown out of proportion, it’s simply not the case. From other messages and first-hand bystanders of the situation, the team clearly just didn’t care.

While the whole story is wild, the fact that the person tweeting out what happened is taking criticism from the Twitter world is another level or hilarity.

Amazing how people have such big balls on Twitter and feel the need to think they know better than the person who was their and saw it with their own eyes.

I mean, no doubt any team part of the World Juniors this year is going home in a sour mood this year, but it looks like the Russians were having the time of their lives!

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