Rudy Gobert Profanely Shuts Down Coronavirus Heckler on Live Stream

When he’s not shutting down the NBA with coronavirus, Rudy Gobert is shutting down hecklers live on stream! Gobert was enjoying a game of … something, is this Call of Duty? I don’t know, I’m not on top of my video games anymore unless it’s League of Legends. Anyways, Rudy Gobert was playing something, let’s call it Animal Crossing, live on stream when he shut down somebody who was claiming that he started the coronavirus in the NBA:

Gobert replying to a user claiming he started Coronavirus in the NBA: “Go to school, pussy.” from r/nba

Unless it’s medical school, I’m not sure how “going to school” would help with this matter. I don’t remember learning about infectious diseases in school. However, I am almost certain that in middle school we watched the movie “Outbreak” with Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo, which is about some monkey spreading a deadly virus in the U.S. We definitely watched that movie in school because there’s no way that I watched it on my own, so maybe Gobert is right, “Go to school, pussy.” It’s possible that he followed up his comment with, “Preferably, one that scares the shit out of 12 and 13-year-old children by showing them a movie about how a monkey can give you a virus that will kill you within hours.” That movie was scary as shit and not just because Kevin Spacey was also in it.


Back to Gobert, this is a bit of a representation of the type of public scrutiny he will face when the NBA eventually returns. It is more likely than not that he will get booed in his first road game back. Unsurprisingly, there’s going to be a lot of ignorance surrounding this situation. Did Rudy Gobert not take this whole coronavirus thing seriously? Absolutely. Did he publicly make light of the whole situation prior to diagnosis? Definitely. However, let’s not act like we were all publicly condemning Gobert before being diagnosed because we weren’t. This whole thing was “completely overblown” to many.

In the end, Gobert’s positive diagnosis escalated the nationwide shutdown of the United States by quite possibly a week so maybe the French “saved” us again? It’s tough to say “saved” considering the situation, but maybe “less dire?” At the time, March Madness was still going to happen, the NBA was going to play going forward without fans, and sports as we knew it were still “normal.” Gobert will forever be known as “the guy who shutdown the NBA,” there’s no doubt about that.

Donovan Mitchell, who was also diagnosed with the virus, has seemingly been reluctant to forgive Gobert for how he behaved despite his apology, although they did reportedly speak in April. Gobert obviously shouldn’t have been going around touching Mitchell’s stuff in the locker room or microphones at press conferences as reports of COVID-19 becoming a real thing were gaining steam. However, the reality is that Rudy Gobert more likely than not did not get coronavirus from touching microphones and it’s just as likely that Gobert got the virus from touching Mitchell’s stuff in the locker room as it is that Gobert gave the virus to Mitchell. Despite this, Gobert should be prepared for more extensive public backlash once the NBA returns and, if Donovan Mitchell is any indication, it may not be just the fans and media.

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