New Footage Reveals Meyers Leonard Using Anti-Semitic Slur While Playing Call Of Duty

Miami Heat big man Meyers Leonard is going to have some explaining to do after a major slip-up recently.

Leonard was streaming his Call Of Duty session on Twitch, when he used an anti-semitic word against another gamer. Check it out.

Meyers Leonard is currently undergoing season-ending shoulder surgery.

While Leonard’s slur is bound to make news across the country, this isn’t the first time controversy has surrounded the Miami Heat player.

Meyers Leonard was the only player on the Heat who stood for the National Anthem during last year’s NBA bubble playoffs.

“I think I can be a beacon of light … not only for my voice or platform and action, but in everything I’m doing,” Leonard said last year via ESPN. “I certainly support Black Lives Matter. … I am very aware of what is going on. But I can be both. My patriotism runs deep.”

OK, maybe that instance isn’t a bad look for Meyers Leonard. But he’s going to have to apologize for the slur that came out of his mouth on Twitch.

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