Robert Quinn Sounded Off On NFL Officiating Following The Bears Loss To The Vikings

Bears pass rusher Robert Quinn is enjoying a career resurgence despite another disappointing year for the team.

On Monday, Quinn was named to the Pro Bowl. And he currently sits just 1.5 sacks away from Hall of Famer Richard Dent’s Bears record of 17.5 sacks in a single season (set in the 1984 season).

Robert Quinn tallied another two sacks to his total during Monday Night Football. But thanks to questionable officiating, bad coaching, a lack of execution, and other typical Bears issues, the team fell to the Vikings 17-9.

The most egregiously bad call came when a penalty was called against safety Teez Tabor for a low block into the legs of the offensive lineman. Tabor was clearly trying to get through the lineman to tackle running back Dalvin Cook. And the contact made with the pulling offensive guard looked minimal (if anything).

After the game, Robert Quinn sounded off on what officiating has become in the NFL.

“Honestly, some of these calls are starting to get a little crazy,” Quinn told media following the game, via NBC5 in Chicago. “These refs seem like they’re controlling the game a little too much. If a play is clean and they’re throwing a flag over something that they thought they can change the game just by one flag, I mean, let guys play ball.”

The call on Teez Tabor was just one that infuriated Robert Quinn, and allowed for Minnesota to extend drives in a tight game.

“If this was a couple years ago, half this stuff wouldn’t even be called,” said Quinn. “But now they’ve got some of these stupid rules and in the refs’ hands it can change at any given moment.”

It appears as though Robert Quinn is perfectly content with excepting a fine from the NFL to have his voice be heard, letting it be known that it’s just impossible to play defense in the NFL anymore.

Can you really blame him for airing his frustrations?

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