Private NBA Stripper Party Has Been Exposed

A private NBA stripper party?? NBA Players love going out to the club,  specifically the Strip Club from time to time. With the ongoing pandemic, and with privacy on the forefront of their minds, some NBA players have turned to host private NBA  stripper parties.  The only problem with keeping it on the downlow is everyone has phones, and you know people love to share their good times.

For several  strippers, the NBA private stripper party turned out to be quite fruitful.

Someone posted the aftermath of the party.

“I’m back Last night private Nba Stripper Party”

Watch below:

Clean up on aisle five.

At least we know there was some protection going on, not sure if you spotted the condom wrapper on the ground.

Now which players were in attendance?

Here’s one guy who looks like an NBA player.

Hard to tell who that is.

If anyone knows any info, keep us posted to the Side Action!

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