New Destination For Cristiano Ronaldo Emerges After Saying He Wants To Leave Manchester United After Just One Season

Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, has made it clear that he wants to leave Manchester United after just one season after the team failed to qualify for the Champions League.

Manchester United had a rough go in 2021-2022 finishing in sixth place in the English Premier League standings and failing to qualify for the Champions League in 2022-2023.

At the ripe age of 37, Ronaldo clearly has his eyes on the prize, which is winning the Champions League. He is tied with many former team mates at Real Madrid with five Champions League titles, but is clearly vying to be at the top, alone, with six, before he retires.

Ronaldo scored 18 goals for Manchester United in Premier League action this year and added six more during the Champions League tournament.

According to ESPN’s James Olley, Chelsea has been told that Ronaldo may be willing to join their team. Chelsea finished in third place in the Premier League, securing their spot in the Champions League.

Germany’s Baynern Munich and France’s Paris Saint-Germain have also shown interest in signing the aging superstar.

Ronaldo is setting himself up for a busy year as Portugal qualified for the 2022 World Cup which starts at the end of November. It will be his fifth World Cup appearance.

Expect Ronaldo to be on the move in the coming week as he clearly wants to move on from his short stint back at Manchester United.

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