Paige Spiranac Shows Off Pre-Shot Ritual, ‘Unnecessary’ Butt

Paige Sprianac is expert level when it comes to posting on Social Media.

Paige is all about dishing out L’s, but not losses, more like lessons. Instagram’s favorite golfer Paige Spiranac is showing off her pre-shot ritual, all while unnecessarily showing off her butt.

Paige posts, “A pre shot routine is very important to the improvement of your golf game and to show off your butt unnecessarily on IG.”

Watch Paige’s pre shot and butt below:

Paige usually gives out great golf advice, but the truth is, no one is going to her IG looking for tips on how to swing.

They want to see what she’s stirring up, and of course, what outfit she’s wearing on the course. It’s the curse a beautiful IG golfing model has to deal with.

Check out more of Paige and her lessons below:

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