Mystery Team Reportedly Now in the Mix for Deshaun Watson

It’s a mystery where Deshaun Watson will land.

Now we have to deal with a report of a mystery team, oh great. NFL insider Benjamin Allbright posted about a “mystery” team that could be “lurking” for Watson’s services. Before you say San Fran, the NFL insider made it abundantly clear that the team is NOT the San Francisco 49ers, who have been in the mix for a new QB.

“Could a mystery team be lurking to swoop in with a huge offer on Deshaun Watson? (Not SF, wrong coast),” he said on Twitter.

Of course most were annoyed at the report.

To make things a little easier to figure out, The New York Giants have been on the hunt for a franchise quarterback and they are on the East Coast.

You also have the Jets, but Watson does have a no trade clause so it’s going to be a team that he wants to play for.

And around and around we go…

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