NHL Fans Are Outraged With Tom Wilson’s Small Fine From Actions On Monday Night

Washington Capitals wing Tom Wilson was at it again last night with the dirty play. During a game against the Rangers, Wilson punched a defenseless Pavel Buchnevich during a scrum in front of the net. He then grabbed Artemi Panarin by the hair, and flung him down to the ice like a rag-doll.

Fans, players, and media members were calling for the league to finally give Tom Wilson a significant suspension. But instead, the NHL opted to slap Wilson with the maximum $5,000 fine, yet again.

Fans are outraged that Wilson won’t even be given a suspension, being as he is a repeat offender.



Once again, Tom Wilson gets off easy for being a completely reckless, dangerous, scumbag.

What is it going to take for the NHL to give a large penalty to Tom Wilson?

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