NFL Referees Spotted Asking Mike Evans For His Autograph After The Game

The NFL Refs must love them some Mike Evans.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers look pretty bad this season and 45-year-old Tom Brady may finally be showing he’s not invincible. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now 3-4 after losing as two-touchdown favorites to the hapless Carolina Panthers and former XFL star P.J. Walker by the final score of 21-3.  Scoring only Three points in an NFL game is not a good look, especially when your Quarterback is Tom Brady.

But think about how bad it would have been if the officials weren’t all up in Mike Evans face following the game, maybe they would have really stuck it to the Bucs.

See Mike Evans receiving autograph requests below:

Now obviously one can understand why officials should not be seeking out autographs from the players they officiate, clearly this is not a common practice, and one that shouldn’t be allowed to happen. They have too much control in the outcome of the game, and with so much money being wagered on each NFL game, this is definitely sketchy. There are rules and codes and standards of professional conduct that govern things like this. And they are based largely on optics because it looks really bad and one can make the argument that optics are even more important than anything.

For his part, Mike Evans did not look too annoyed about the autographs request.

What we do know is that the Buccaneers’ offense was whistled for four penalties while the Panthers’ defense was not penalized the entire game. So clearly they were not favoring anyone.

But still.

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