Mike Tyson Explains Just How Much Money It’ll Take to Fight Jake Paul

Mike Tyson versus Jake Paul can happen.

But it’s unlikely considering just how much money it’s going to take. You know what’s more than a Million? A billion.

Tyson said that’s how much it will cost on his “Hotboxin” podcast this week with Paul Pierce and Jermell Charlo.

Tyson also confirmed that there’s no truth to the rumor that he was going to ever fight Jake Paul for anything less than $1B.

“Nobody told me that,” Tyson said via TMZ Sports. “Hey, I ain’t got no f***ing money. So, where’s the f***ing contract? I’ve never heard this from nobody. I’ve just heard this from you guys.”

Watch Tyson explain below:

Of course this would be a fight you would have no choice but to buy on PPV.

Of course I’m pretty sure Tyson would fight him for $100 million too.

Always start out as high as possible during a negotiation, Mike is one smart cookie.

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