Michigan Wolverines and Detroit Lions To Honor Tate Myre This Weekend

The Michigan Wolverines and Detroit Lions plan to honor Tate Myre and other Oxford High victims this weekend.


A tragedy in Michigan occurred this week when a student shot and killed at least four people at Oxford High. Tate Myre, a football player at the school, rushed the attacker in hopes to disarm the person.

Myre ultimately died from his wounds in his act of bravery allowing others to flee. A petition has been going around online in hopes that the Oxford High field would be renamed Tate Myre Field, that has well over 200,000 signatures.

The 2nd ranked Michigan Wolverines will be wearing a patch Saturday to honor Myre and the victims of the shooting as they play the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Big 10 Championship.

Here is the patch the teams plans on wearing Saturday:

The Detroit Lions will also honor Myre and the other victims of the tragic shooting with head coach Dan Campbell revealing the team will wear t-shirts, hats and a helmet decal during their Sunday game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Prayers and thoughts are with the families involved in the tragedy.

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