Member Of Bills Mafia Misses Target, Falls Flat On The Ground While Attempting To Jump Through A Table

Bills mafia is ready for the AFC Championship game.

The Buffalo Bills fans have waited a long time for a team to bring them back to prowess. It looks like they have that team. As you could imagine, Bills mafia is completely losing their minds while pregaming for the game against the Chiefs later today.

One of the staples of Bills mafia is jumping through folding tables. As many fans have probably been jumping through tables all day, one fan had a bit of a fail. While trying to jump from a truck, a fan missed the table altogether, and landed flat on the ground. Check it out.

Yeah, that’s gotta hurt.

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Bills mafia should probably pace themselves. They have a long night ahead. Can you imagine the celebration in Buffalo if the Bills find a way to make the Super Bowl tonight? Would be insane. Can’t wait for all the Bills mafia content for the rest of the day.

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