Chicago Bears Receiver Marquise Goodwin Shares Frustrations With Lack Of Passing Attack With Andy Dalton

Chicago Bears quarterback Andy Dalton showed just how limited him and the Chicago Bears offense was on Sunday night when the “dink and dunk” passing attack resulted in just 14 points for the team.

The longest completion of the entire game came on a 19 year strike to Marquise Goodwin–who admitted that it wasn’t easy to play without the threat of a vertical passing attack.


“It’s challenging,” he said on Tuesday afternoon. “But I mean, you just got to work with what you get. I don’t control the plays that are called. I don’t control anything but just going out and doing my job.”

Marquise Goodwin also lamented the fact that he thought he Bears played into Jalen Ramsey’s hands by keeping every Andy Dalton pass within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage.

“He’s a unique player, All-Pro, Pro Bowler, instinctive, especially in short spaces. And us not running past 10 yards, that fell right into his hands I feel like,” Goodwin said via NBC Sports Chicago’s Adam Hoge.


So far, it appears that Marquise Goodwin is the first Chicago Bears player to publicly insinuate that they would rather be playing with Justin Fields than Andy Dalton.

But as time goes on, and the Bears continue to struggle to score points with Dalton under center, I’d expect the lobbying for Justin Fields to get even louder inside the Bears locker room.

How much longer can Matt Nagy justify keeping Fields on the sidelines?

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