Fan Takes Two KO Punches To The Face And Shrugs Them Off At MLB Game

Here we go again, fans are throwing haymakers in the seats again and we’ve got it all here for you!


It seems to have happened Friday night during the 4th inning of the Oakland Athletics – Seattle Mariners game. One Mariners fan clearly got in to it with another fan and then two forceful rights were thrown. The first knocking off the man’s sunglasses and hat, while the other hits flush in the jaw.

The most impressive thing about seeing this was watching the one fan take both of the punches straight to face of not even shrugging. It looked like Nate Diaz in the octagon. The man seemed completely unphased at both punches and kept moving forward to get the fan removed from the game.

Someone get that man in the ring!

The Mariners won the game 4-3 and continue their series today at 10:10 PM EST.

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