Mark Davis Joins Players In Calling Out The NFL For Rescheduling Weekend’s Games

Raiders owner Mark Davis is joining his players in calling out the NFL.

On Friday, it was announced that the NFL was rescheduling several games due to some COVID outbreaks around the league. Among those pushed back was the Raiders game against the Browns this weekend.

It has heavily reported that the Browns have a long list of players dealing with COVID. And they are still set to play third-string quarterback Nick Mullens.

With many Raiders, Seahawks and Eagles players around the league wondering why they’re being punished for the actions of another team, Mark Davis joined in.

The owner released a statement on why the NFL’s efforts to reschedule the game puts his team at a “competitive disadvantage”.

“Health and safety is always No. 1, but it’s tough,” Davis said. “Maybe Cleveland should travel here. That would make it more fair.”

While many players have voice their displeasure with the NFL and NFLPA over this weekend’s shuffling, Mark Davis’s comments are especially important because he now becomes the first owner to call out the league over the COVID handlings.

Despite all the drama surrounding their season, the Raiders still sit at 6-7 on the year and have an outside shot of making the playoffs if they were to finish the year on a run.

It’s seems like Mark Davis knows his team is now missing a golden opportunity against a Browns team that would have been completely decimated if they were to play this weekend.

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