Madison LeCroy Reacts to Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez Breakup

Madison LeCroy weighs in on A-Rod/J-Lo breakup. If you can pin blame on one person other than A-Rod or J-Lo responsible for the demise of their relationship, it would most likely be Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy. She was smack dab middle in the controversy surrounding A-Rod and possible infidelity. Now that A-Rod and J-Lo have decided to end their romantic relationship, everyone wants to know, what does Madison think about all the drama? I mean, she did have something to do with, right?

Madison was quickly trending following the celebrity split:

Madison spoke to Page Six about her thoughts on the breakup.

Via Page Six:

“Madison LeCroy wishes the best for Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez in their breakup.

The “Southern Charm” star told Page Six on Thursday when we reached out about A-Rod and J.Lo announcing their split: “I wish them the best.”

It was perhaps the perfect send-off to the celebrity exes from LeCroy, after she’d been entangled in rumors that she had a relationship with Rodriguez.”

I think everyone will be waiting and watching to see if A-Rod and Madison start something up.  With J-Lo out of the picture,  nothing can stop A-Rod from sliding, texting, or facetiming Madison if he so chooses. Maybe this time he won’t have to have her sign an NDA, but knowing A-Rod, he probably will.

Check out more of the Southern Charm star below:

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