Lamar Odom Fires Back After Being Called A ‘Deadbeat Dad’

Lamar Odom is done playing nice and is done with the ‘slander’. Odom addressed the article from Page Six on Friday which was headlined “Lamar Odom a deadbeat dad who won’t pay child support, lawsuit says.”



Odom shared a post on Instagram by writing, “#LizMorales anything for clout” and continued that he had no intentions of addressing the situation but that he “can’t let bitter women slander his name”. 

The article in Page Six by Gabrielle Fonrouge explains how “Landlords are trying to evict Lamar Odom’s children and their mother from their posh Manhattan apartment because the former basketball star has refused to cough up child support, a new lawsuit alleges.”

The Page Six report also states that Odom stopped paying a substantial part of the child support back in 2020 and that the family can no longer afford to foot the $5,150 monthly rent bill for her 75 West Street apartment in Lower Manhattan.

Lamar Odom responded in his Instagram post by stating that “I have taken care of Liza and my children their entire lives. My children are adults. I have paid child support for CHILDREN on time monthly for the past 18 years. My CHILDREN are ADULTS.”

Odom is set to box against former rapper, singer and actor Aaron Carter, which will be refereed by former UFC champ Chuck Liddell on June 11th, 2021.

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