Kevin Durant Slams Stephen A. Smith’s Comments on His Legacy

Another round of Kevin Durant versus Stephen A. Smith.

On Thursday’s episode of NBA Today, ESPN’s #1 personality Stephen A. Smith said that Kevin Durant’s career could be defined by his decision to leave Steph Curry and team up with Kyrie Irving.

Durant took to Twitter on Friday to respond to Smith’s take, calling it “egregious.”

It didn’t take long for Stephen A. Smith to respond to KD’s comment.

“It’s absolutely Egregious, @KDTrey5,” Smith wrote. “Totally wrong and unfair to the highest degree. But it also happens to be true. Those will be the headlines all off-season. I’m not saying it’s fair at all because it’s not. You deserve better. But those will be the headlines. You can book it!”

Durant and Stephen A. have a bit of history. and KD has never been afraid to call out Stephen A. Smith.

Durant’s legacy will be just fine without or without a ring in Brooklyn.

Although it certainly wouldn’t hurt if he did win another ring outside of the two in Golden State.

Stephen A. is an expert level troll.

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