Jon Gruden’s Wife Cindy Trending Following Exposed Racist Emails

Jon Gruden’s wife Cindy isn’t on social media, so unfortunately we’re not going to be able to get her reaction to her husband’s controversy, or the subsequent fallout.

One thing’s for sure, the Raiders won’t be using the “Cindy Gruden” Audible anymore. Last season Derek Carr used head coach Jon Gruden’s wife Cindy in an audible.

See the Cindy Gruden audible below:

Gruden acknowledged his wife being used in the audible:

Of course people haven’t forgotten about the Cindy Gruden audible, and took to Twitter to joke about it, and other things.

So the Cindy Gruden audible is officially done, at least on the Raiders. But it would be amazing to see Derek Carr bring it back..

Hard to imagine Gruden ever getting another coaching job, but hey, not all bad. Now he gets to spend more time with his wife Cindy.

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