The Celebration Is On After Fans Recognize Aubrey Huff’s Twitter Was Suspended

Former MLB star Aubrey Huff has been using his Twitter account to push his far-right wing agenda for a long time.

His posts are often criticized and turn fans off.



On Monday, people all over social media noticed that Aubrey Huff’s Twitter account has been suspended, and a whole lot of people loved seeing it.

Pretty much everyone was happy to see the Aubrey Huff news.

One of Aubrey Huff’s most recent awful takes included him calling out the first all women MLB broadcast team earlier in the Summer.

“Women are for after the game, not during the game,” Huff said in his post.

The list of ridiculously awful things Aubrey Huff has said on Twitter goes on and on. And frankly, he’s not really worth the time to dig up all of his terrible takes.

We’ll see if he finds his way back on to Twitter again somehow.

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