John Calipari Ripped For Refusing To Answer Questions On Radio Show Following Saint Peter’s Loss

Kentucky head coach John Calipari is coming off the worst loss of his tenure.

Since turning Kentucky into a powerhouse, Calipari has had few losses in the early rounds of March Madness. But this year, they ran into one tough Cinderella.

In an OT thriller last week, the small school of Saint Peter’s was able to take down John Calipari and the Kentucky juggernaut.

John Calipari is set to address the loss on his podcast this week.

But this episode is going to be different. Instead of doing the show live and answering questions on the fly, this show will be pre-recorded. This means a moderator will have the opportunity to censor questions asked to the head coach.

Fans immediately called out John Calipari for refusing to answer the normal questions.

John Calipari spoke on his disappointment following the loss to Saint Peter’s.

“I’m disappointed for our fans,” Calipari said. “They were shell-shocked like we were. We’ve got the greatest fans – we hate letting them down. I do as a coach, and I know these players do. This was really disappointing. Devastating.”

While Calipari expressed remorse to his fan base, it appears as though a majority of them would want their head coach to face the music a little bit more.

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