Jerry Jones Admits Dak Took Advantage of Him Financially

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones didn’t become a billionaire by paying someone more than they’re worth. That is until he started overpaying all his players. The game between Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys finally came to an end this week, as Dak landed a monster contract with the Cowboys. It was the end to a two year negotiation. Jerry finally spoke on the contract, and said some very telling things. For one, Dak ripped him off.

But according to Jerry, if anyone is going to bilk him out of money, he’s glad it’s Dak Prescott.

Jerry still believes they won overall:

Did they?

Had Dak not been injured last year, I think that it would have been a much better deal. His ankle was shattered, that’s not something that just rights itself in a year.

Dak got paid, but at what cost??

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