Jalen Hurts Compares Losing to Cowboys To Dropping A Deuce

Jalen Hurts said what?

The Eagles fell to the Cowboys 41-21 on Monday Night Football. After the game, Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts, who threw two interceptions, including a pick-six, took responsibility for the loss. He was extremely soft spoken about losing the primetime game,  and for whatever reason, compared losing to taking a deuce.

“I take responsibility for how this game went tonight… I’m going to learn from it… You take you a deuce, you don’t sit there and look at it. You flush it and move on. We’re going to flush it and move on.”

Hurts also took ownership of the loss:

Makes you wonder which school taught him Sports Communication: Bama or Oklahoma?

Not the most eloquent presser, but he did get his point across.

Although no one needed to think about staring at poop…

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