Jake Paul Posed In Birthday Suit With Girlfriend For His 25th Birthday

Jake Paul knows how to get attention.

YouTuber-turned-boxing star Jake Paul stripped down to his birthday suit with his model girlfriend Julia Rose or his 25th b-day on Monday.

In his post he detailed a list of things he’d like to accomplish.

25th year of life:

1) Get better every single day & enjoy every moment doing it

2) Elevate @serranosisters & women’s boxing

3) Help as many kids as possible through @boxingbullies

4) Expose bully Dana / help fighters

5) Go to outer space with Jeff, Richard, or Elon.

More love for the YouTuber-turned-boxing superstar poured in on social media.

Julia Rose writing on her social media page, “happy birthday dubba dubba…I can’t wait to feed you popcorn and kiss your nose until you turn 80.”


I really wish Jake Paul wasn’t a thing, but unfortunately he is.

Luckily his girlfriend is easy on the eyes.

Check out more of Jake Paul’s better half below:

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