It Looks Like We’re Headed For Jameis Time In New Orleans

It looks like it could be Jameis Winston’s time to shine.

News broke today that Future Hall-Of-Fame quarterback Drew Brees has suffered what appears to be a very serious injury.


While this news is unfortunate for Drew Brees and all Saints fans, it means one thing. It’s Jameis Winston time. New Orleans surprised many when they went out and signed Jameis Winston to back up Drew Brees in the offseason. Many were expecting Jameis to get another shot as a starter somewhere. However, he may be getting a chance to lead a team, after all. Not just any team, either.

The Saints are currently 7-2, in first place in the NFC South. Jameis has a chance to make a real difference for a team that is eyeing a Super Bowl. Winston came in for the second half of yesterday’s game against the 49ers. He didn’t have to do much to secure the victory, but was lauded by head coach Sean Payton anyways.

“I am proud of him. He led us to an important scoring drive. He led us to another field goal drive,” Payton said via The Athletic. “The one thing that I would say with Jameis, too, is that he is extremely bright. Functioning and understanding what we are doing, he is someone that picks it up quickly.”

If Drew Brees does have to miss significant time, I’d expect Payton to use both Winston and Taysom Hill under center. This could serve as an audition for Jameis and Hill for when the Saints have to move on from Brees.

Jameis Winston looks like he could have a real shot at redemption.

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