Kelly Oubre Jr. Is Getting Destroyed By NBA Fans After The Chris Paul Trade

In the first of what will probably be a flurry of NBA trades, Chris Paul is now a Phoenix Sun and Kelly Oubre Jr. is easily the biggest loser in the trade. The full trade involved the Oklahoma City Thunder trading Chris Paul to Phoenix for Ricky Rubio, Kelly Oubre, Ty Jerome, Jalen Lecque, and draft compensation. So what makes Kelly Oubre Jr. the biggest loser of the trad, you ask? Kelly Oubre recently modeled the newest Phoenix Suns city jerseys and now he is on his way out the door. If that’s not enough for you, just wait until you see what NBA fans are saying about Oubre. It’s not kind.


Pain is right. Imagine being asked to take a photo shoot rocking a team’s new look, only to get dealt just a few days later. Ouch. But hey, they say no pain no gain, right? Maybe this trade will light a fire under Kelly Oubre and he comes out the best player in the trade next season. You never know. But for right now, it’s not a great look for Kelly Oubre. The worst part is that the jersey Kelly Oubre modeled, #3, will more than likely be Chris Paul’s new look.

You better believe the fans caught on to that part of the drama.

Oof. Man, that’s got to sting for Kelly Oubre. As if it wasn’t enough to get traded just days after modeling the look, the fact that that will inevitably be Chris Paul’s jersey only adds fuel to the fire.

And finally, perhaps my favorite tweet of them all.

Sorry, Kelly Oubre jr., but you are the Chris Paul trade’s biggest loser. At least for now, we’re sure to see more NBA trades in the coming days.

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