Ian Book Has A Chance To Do Something No Other Notre Dame Quarterback Has Ever Done This Weekend

Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book probably doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Since arriving in South Bend, Book has turned Notre Dame into a respectable program, and now, a contender. While the Trevor Lawrences and Justin Fields are dominating the headlines, Ian Book just wins. This weekend, Book has a chance to do more winning than any Notre Dame quarterback has ever done.

Book’s 29-3 record as a starter is sensational, and it’s about to be record-setting. Right now, Book is tied with with Tom Clements, Ron Powlus and Brady Quinn for most victories for the Fighting Irish. One more win, and Ian Book is alone at the top of the list.

Coach Brian Kelly talked about his quarterback with Scott Van Pelt last night.

“A champion,” Kelly said about Ian Book via 247 Sports. ” A guy that has taken the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune and not being given the credit that he has rightfully deserved and that he’s going to earn on Saturday as the all-time winningest quarterback in Notre Dame history. That’s an incredible feat for all the great players that have played here at Notre Dame. He’s done it with the scrutiny, he’s done it with unfair criticism, and he’s done it with with class and dignity all the way. I love Ian Book. I love what he represents and what he stands for and how he’s handled himself throughout his time here at Notre Dame, We are a better football program because of his presence at Notre Dame.”

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Book should have no problem getting to the elusive 30 win mark, he has the 1-9 Syracuse Orange on Saturday. While this record is an incredible feat given the rich history at Notre Dame, I’m sure Book has his sights on something bigger. Notre Dame has a great chance to make the College Football Playoff this year. If the Irish are able to get there, I’m sure they’ll be doubted and heavily scrutinized, but that’s nothing new for Ian Book. He’s been dealing with that his whole career.

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