Buffalo Radio Host Fired For Saying Serena Williams Is Too Dark For His Liking

A Buffalo radio host was recently fired over an incredibly tone-deaf comment he made about women’s tennis superstar Serena Williams.

The conversation of skin tone took place on Buffalo’s 97 Rock. The show’s host, Rob Lederman, can be heard talking about how some black women were too dark for him. Lederman calls Serena Williams, “too dark” but says that Halle berry is o.k for him while comparing the women to toast.

Check out the idiotic conversation here.

I mean, how could these guys think this conversation is OK? Needless to say, Serena Williams is the wrong person to attack, and we’ll see if she even bothers dealing with these pathetic guys.

As for Rob Lederman? According to TMZ, he has been fired. The other hosts on the show have also been disciplined by the radio station.

Just an incredibly stupid sound bite. People need to be better.

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