Houston Texans CEO Cal McNair Has Reportedly Spoken With Deshaun Watson Amid Trade Request

Deshaun Watson has reportedly had enough of Houston Texans CEO Cal McNair. However, they may have taken a step in repairing their broken relationship today. According to reports, McNair has spoken with Deshaun, and has expressed regret with how he has treated the star quarterback.




According To Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, McNair got Deshaun Watson on the phone, and was able to apologize for all the BS he’s endured as a member of the Houston Texans.

“McNair has apologized privately to Watson while publicly acknowledging the need for better communication,” Wilson writes. “Watson became upset at not being involved in the hiring process for a general manager and coach after McNair assured him he would. The Texans hired Nick Caserio as GM and are still searching for a coach.”


It remains to be seen whether or not Deshaun Watson will accept Cal McNair’s apology. It has been heavily reported that Deshaun wants out of Houston bad, and many are beginning to wonder if there is any chance at a future with Watson in Houston.

While Deshaun Watson has yet to publicly demand a trade, he has sent cryptic messages on social media, along with staying away from the team. As a Bears fan, I’m praying to god Deshaun Watson ends up in Chicago. Slim chance, I know. But a guy can dream.

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