Houston Texans Have Set a ‘Target’ Date to Trade Deshaun Watson

What a year it’s been for Deshaun Watson, a wasted year to say the least.

Watson has been on the Houston Texans roster all season long. The Texans tried to trade him but due to his sexual assault and misconduct allegations it made the task merely impossible.

Now they will try once again, as it’s been reported that the Houston Texans have set a tentative “target” date to trade their former star Quarterback.

The Texans have decided to trade him before Free Agency starts, which is March 16th, according to NFL insiders Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero.

See below:

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reported back in September the NFL “hasn’t made a decision about Watson because it doesn’t have to make a decision about Watson.”

You would think any NFL team that is looking to acquire Watson would like to see all his civil suits settled before any trade can happen.

For 17th-straight games Watson was inactive.

A lost year for both Watson and the Texans.

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