Giants Fans Share Their Disgust With The Latest News Surrounding Joe Judge

While Black Monday has resulted in several coaches around the NFL losing their jobs, Giants head coach Joe Judge appears to be safe despite an unsuccessful tenure.

On Monday, it was reported that Judge was likely to retain his job following the last place finish in the NFC East.

Shortly after the news was announced, Giants fans shared their displeasure with the idea that Joe Judge was going to be sticking around.

Joe Judge may have the blessing of the Giants ownership at this moment. But the team’s general manager, Dave Gettleman, has stepped down. So it could be possible that whoever gets hired as next GM decides he wants to bring in his own head coach.

Judge spoke about the state of the Giants prior to the season finale on Sunday.

“This ain’t a team that is having fistfights on the sidelines. This ain’t some clown show organization or something else,” Judge said. “You talk about the foundation built. The toughest thing to change in a team, in a club, is the way people think. You understand that? That is the toughest thing. You can get new players. You can have your damn locker room all you want. You have to change how people think. You have to change how they f—ing believe in what you’re doing. And they have to trust the process. And that is a lot easier said than done when they’re looking up right now and you’ve got one game left and the most you can win is five this season.

If Joe Judge remains the head coach next season, New York fans may just riot.

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