Holly Sonders Shows Off Her Golf Swing

Holly Sonders is a golfer first and foremost. Sonders graduated from Michigan State, where she played on the women’s golf team. Holly got her big break in the sports media industry at the Golf Channel nearly a decade ago. She then took her talents to FOX Sports before leaving the company in 2019. Since that time she’s become an Instagram star.

But Holly still wants us to remember, she still knows how to play. Sort of.

Holly plays a few times a year, and when she does, she’s a bit rusty.

“To answer all your questions about golf…I play once 3-4 times a year…and I don’t find many fairways anymore 💁🏻‍♀️”

Watch Holly swing below:

The swing still looks pure. Of course if she played a ton more, I’m confident she’d start hitting the fairways again.

Check out more of Holly’s more consistent work below:


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