NHL Ref Caught On Hot Mic Saying ‘I Just Wanted To Get A F**king Penalty Against Nashville’ After Call

File this under something you don’t hear of everyday. Sure, make up calls are a big thing in sports, but a ref rarely admits when that’s what he’s doing. However, that’s just what happened during the Red Wings-Predators game.

While explaining a penalty early in the game, a ref was actually caught on a hot-mic admitting, “there wasn’t much but I wanted to get a f*cking penalty against Nashville.”



It’s kind of a known thing that NHL refs give make up calls all the time. Where this guy messes up is actually getting caught saying ‘there wasn’t much’. I mean, c’mon, you’re just asking to rile everyone up with a comment like that.

Here was the penalty in question. As the ref admitted, it wasn’t much.

Viktor Arvidsson looks completely shocked as he heads to the box. Turns out, he was onto something, he really didn’t do anything wrong.

You gotta love hockey, right?

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