Florida State Fan Burns Framed Deion Sanders Jersey After Coach Steals #1 Recruit Travis Hunter

Deion Sanders was the toast of college football on Wednesday.

Somehow, the Jackson State coach was able to get the #1 recruit in the nation, Travis Hunter, to flip his commitment from Florida State to his program.

Social media erupted when Hunter originally announced the move.

As the Seminoles nation was taking time to vent, some fasn took it a step further.

One enraged Florida State fan even took to social media to post a video of himself burning a framed Deion Sanders jersey.

It feels petty for FSU fans to take this out on Deion Sanders. After all, he was just doing his job.

But someone had to be the scapegoat after Mike Norvell let Travis Hunter slip through the cracks. And for now, Sanders is public enemy #1.

Shortly after the news dropped, Hunter announced why he chose to join “Coach Prime” rather than a legitimate Power 5 program.

“Florida State has always been a beacon for me,” Hunter said in his Twitter post Wednesday. “I grew up down there, that’s where my roots are, and I never doubted that I would play for the Seminoles.

“It’s a dream that is hard to let go of, but sometimes we are called to step into a bigger future than the one we imagined for ourselves. For me, that future is at Jackson State University.”

Deion Sanders has officially made Jackson State a brand.

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