ESPN’s Maria Taylor Reveals Racist and Insensitive Messages On Twitter From A College Football Fan

Maria Taylor has caught quite a bit of heat as she has risen in the rankings of ESPN employees. Most recently, Taylor shed some light on racist and insensitive messages her family received from a Trump-supporting college football fan. If you are a black sports reporter, you are probably no stranger to these types of messages. Unfortunately, messages like these have become more welcomed during the Trump era. At least it seems. Maria Taylor responded candidly on Twitter to the haters.


Maria Taylor Responds To Racially Insensitive Message

It is unclear who sent the message to Maria Taylor’s family members. However, the bottom line is that the message is clearly filled with hatred and racial insensitivity. The writer of the message called Taylor a b*tch multiple times and referred to black people as Negroes. To cap it all off, the person said that they hope Maria Taylor breaks more than one of those “goofy disgusting giraffe legs” before kickoff.

Maria Taylor made it clear that texting her family does not intimidate her and will not keep her from doing her job. Taylor covers college sports, NBA, and NFL for ESPN and the SEC Network. A job that she rightfully earned. Not because of affirmative action.

The most important part of Maria Taylor’s response, to me, was that she responded with love. You can’t fight hate with hate. It only fuels the fire. Taylor obviously loves her job and she refuses to let one racist, Trump-supporting fan get the best of her. Tune in to College GameDay on Saturday, October 24 to see more of Maria Taylor as she covers the Minnesota vs. Michigan game from Minneapolis, MN.

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