ESPN Decides To Mic Up Ramon Laureano During An Elimination Game and the Result is a Trainwreck

ESPN has been trying some things during their MLB broadcasts to help make baseball more watchable for the average fan. Among them was to mic up star players and interview them during the games.

This is something I’m all for, and it has produced some nice sound bites (at times). But you might not want to make a player talk during a win or go home playoff game. They did just that with Ramon Laureano, and well, it went just about as poorly as expected.


After Eloy Jimenez rips a double into the gap, Laureano gets caught on the mic saying “he can f***ing run” in disgust. The rest of the interview was filled with filler bullshit as Ramon Laureano’s mind was clearly elsewhere.

Twitter had a field day with ESPN’s decision to conduct a player interview in the middle of a playoff game.

Props to Ramon Laureano for not completely losing his shit while being down in an elimination game, and having to deal with all of that. Once again, ESPN falls flat on their face when trying to do something new.

If ESPN really wanted to impress their viewer they could go about it other ways. Like I don’t know, maybe giving us announcers that don’t make me want to throw a brick through my TV (looking at you A-Rod). Hopefully this will be the last time a player will be forced to put on mic during these playoffs. Just let us watch the game.

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