Drake Being Linked to Sonya Curry Following News Steph’s Parents Divorcing

Drake ready to swoop in on Sonya Curry? Yesterday the news broke like a tidal wave hitting the beach, Steph Curry’s parents are reportedly divorcing. Now thanks to some fresh gossip, Drake is somehow involved in Steph Curry’s parents divorce. Apparently he allegedly used to “flirt” with Steph’s mom.


“According to a person close to Drake, the rap star would frequently flirt with Steph’s mom Sonya. The insider explained, “Drake and Sonya used to flirt with each other. It was all in fun. But now that she’s single, I’m pretty sure Drake is going to shoot his shot.”

Twitter shared its thoughts on Drake’s involvement in Dell and Sonya Curry’s divorce.


Sonya is only 55 years young, and is one of the hottest NBA moms of all time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Drake has already slid right into Sonya’s DM’s.

Just imagine if Drake ended up being Steph Curry’s Step Dad.

We can only dream. . .

Check out more of Drake’s alleged flirt crush Sonya Curry below:

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