Doug Pederson Remains A Believer In Jalen Hurts Despite His Up And Down 2021 Campaign

Former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson shocked the NFL world last season when he made the decision to sit Carson Wentz for Jalen Hurts.

Now, both Pederson and Wentz are out of Philly. But Hurts has had an opportunity to prove he’s the quarterback of the future for the Eagles. And he’s had some good moments, but the jury is most definitely still out on whether or not he’s “the guy” moving forward.


Through it all, Doug Pederson still believes in Jalen Hurts. And he exerted that when speaking on the rookie during an interview on Friday.

“It’s like it was yesterday that I was going through that in 16 and 17,” Pederson said. “Some of it’s unfair. You gotta give [Sirianni] … and I don’t know him personally, just from a professional standpoint obviously, but just like players. Give him and opportunity to grow. Give him the opportunity to sink their feet and their teeth into the ground in Philadelphia and watch them blossom and grow.

“I think sometimes they get the added pressure put on them through the media or through the fans that can really affect guys. You have to be a strong-minded, strong-willed person to be able to handle the Philly media and the fans. I’ll tell you this: There’s no great place to be when you win in Philadelphia.”

Doug Pederson is currently taking the year off coaching while Nick Sirianni has the tall task of building a winner in Philadelphia. And it remains to be seen whether or not Pederson will get another shot in the NFL.

But even if Philly fans were ready for the pompous Pederson to end his reign in Philly, they’ll still have some good memories from his tenure with the team – mainly the dream run in 2017 that resulted in a Super Bowl Trophy.

I think the Eagles will side with Doug Pederson here and stick with Jalen Hurts for at least another season.

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