Devin Williams Took All The Blame When The Brewers Got Eliminated From The Postseason

Milwaukee Brewers setup man Devin Williams turned into a viral joke prior to the postseason after admitting that he got too drunk during their clinching celebration and punched a wall.

He was ruled out for the entire postseason run.


Sure enough, the Brewers could have really used Devin Williams for the team’s NLDS series against the Braves.

During the Braves’ series-clinching Game 4 game against the Brewers, Milwaukee was forced to use closer Josh Hader in the eighth inning (where Williams would have likely been used). And Hader proceeded to give up the game-winning home run to Freddie Freeman.

After the series ended, many Brewers fans took to social media to take their anger out on Devin Williams.

I’m sure nobody felt worse about the Brewers being eliminated than Devin Williams. But that’s not going to make the backlash any easier on him.

The guy put himself in position to be mocked and trolled for years to come when he drunkenly broke his hand on a wall.

The only way for Devin Williams to shut people up is to come back next year and continue to dominate.

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