Derek Carr Says He’ll Still Be There For Henry Ruggs: ‘He Needs People To Love Him’

Whether you like the guy or not, you simply gotta feel for Derek Carr right now.

His team has never properly built around his talents. And this season, the QB has had to endure his head coach leaving over a disturbing email leak. And now, one of his top receivers, Henry Ruggs, has been released after being charged with DUI leading to death from a Thursday incident.

Derek Carr was clearly distraught when speaking on the Henry Ruggs situation, revealing that he had just spoken to the receiver hours before the deadly crash.


Derek Carr would go on to say later in the week that he still plans on being there for Henry Ruggs.

Derek Carr echoed a similar sentient when speaking on Jon Gruden during his emails leak when the QB said that while he hates the “sin” he’ll always love the “man”.

Right now, Carr is put in the impossible situation of leading a football team through an incredibly difficult season. And through it all, his high character is showing.

Henry Ruggs might not be back in the NFL ever again. But even after his inexcusable mistake, Derek Carr is willing to help him through the hardships.

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