Najee Harris Didn’t Know An NFL Game Could End In A Tie

Oh boy, here we go again! Pittsburgh Steelers rookie RB Najee Harris didn’t realize an NFL game could end in a tie.



While it’s not uncommon for rookies or even aged veterans to not realize a game can end in a tie, it still brings smiles to the faces of fans.

The Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers played to a 16-16 tie Sunday afternoon. For most coaches and players, once the final whistle went, they knew they had just tied the first game in the NFL this season. For others, like rookie Najee Harris, he was looking to see what happened next.

Harris admitted in the post-game press conference that he didn’t realize NFL games could end in a tie. In college football, they don’t allow ties. Over time simply continues until someone wins the game. In the NFL, the rules are a bit different.

Luckily for Harris, he wasn’t the only player on the field who thought the same thing. Lions RB/KR Godwin Igwebuike said he was asking around on the sideline about how many OTs there could be.

Harris ran for 105 yards on 26 carries, adding 4 receptions for 28 yards in the 16-16 tie.

The Steelers hope that Ben Roethlisberger can return next week against the Los Angeles Chargers, but it looks like it’ll be a tight window considering he was just put on the COVID list Saturday night.

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