David Price To Pay Each Dodgers’ Minor Leaguer $1,000 During Month Of June

After sources told ESPN’s Jeff Passan that the Minor Leagues planned to cut hundreds of players amid the pandemic, David Price is taking it upon himself to make sure these guys are getting some sort of income in the month of June, as it looks like we’re a long ways away from getting Major or Minor League baseball.


Price is on one of the more lucrative deals in the MLB and is estimated to have made about $180 million over his 13-year career, but that shouldn’t diminish what he’s doing here. I’m just glad to see that people are recognizing this act, especially because he hasn’t even played a game with the Dodgers’ organization yet.

As we saw when the NBA was canceled, the stories of players doing something financially for other employees ultimately turn into “well, the owner is worth 1,000 times more than the player. What is the owner going to do?” And that is certainly understandable. I think we agree (or at least most of us do) that the the owners should do something, as they certainly have the means to, despite what they’ll tell you about losing money each year. However, can we give them a few days to figure out a good way to go about this? Maybe each owner will financially help out these minor-leaguers, but I’m not sure trying to shame them into it is the best way to go about it. If we get through the weekend and no owner steps up the way Price is, then by all means, shame all you want.

David Price giving $1,000 to each Dodgers’ minor-leaguer is incredibly generous, and hopefully his attitude becomes infectious among the players and owners.

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