Joe Rogan Offers Take In The Brittney Griner Situation

The Brittney Griner situation has gone from bad to worse.

Earlier in the week, a Russian court sentenced the WNBA star to nine years in prison after being found with hash oil at an airport.

Shortly after the Brittney Griner news hit the web, popular podcast host and MMA broadcaster Joe Rogan shared his take.

Rogan explained the hypocrisy being exercised by US politicians when talking about marijuana prison sentences.

“She’s [Griner] already been over there for months.

“But here’s what’s important: People are freaking out about this, right? They’re freaking out. ‘Russia needs to let her go.’ We have people in America right now locked up for marijuana, and they’ve been locked up for fucking years – for years and years and years. There’s not one, there’s thousands of them. So what, they’re not good at throwing a ball into a net? Is that what it is? They’re not good at that one thing that we like to watch, so those fucking people don’t get let out?”

Joe Rogan has been open about his own weed use in the past, and remains an advocate against people being jailed for minor drug offenses.

Of course, we’re all hoping for Brittney Griner’s return, but Rogan and other prominent voices make a good argument when looking at our own prison system.

Perhaps the Brittney Griner case can show us how we can better re-think the way we do things in this country.

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