Damian Lillard’s Sister And Paul George’s Baby Mama Join The Fight On Instagram

Damian Lillard vs Paul George wasn’t a rivalry until the end of last season, when Lillard banged a game winner in his face from somewhere around Mars and sent George on the market for yet another new team.

Fast forward to the Orlando quaranbubble. COVIBubble? NBubbleA? Eh it’s not important.

What is important is Damian Lillard missed two important clutch free throws in a game against Paul George’s new team, and George and his teammates thought it was pretty funny:

They’re either watching Lillard’s free throws, or the Clippers in the playoffs at well…any point ever.

So as you can imagine, Damian had some thoughts.

And as you can see, Paul kept it going.

And of course, Lillard didn’t stop there:

Damian has a point, but he also sounds kinda jealous.

So after a couple more subtweet style IG posts from Lillard and George, we had two new contestants enter the frey: Damian Lillard’s sister and Paul George’s baby mama. Yeah.


Needless to say this fight may never end.

Well, unless it’s on the court in the playoffs because…well have you SEEN these two in the playoffs? Yikes.

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